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Mother's Day: Free Download - Personalized Cards

Here is my favorite mess-free gift! You can make, a personalized card with your little ones hands or feet as the star of the show! This is a really simple way to gift your loved ones a personalized token of your affection and to commemorate just how tiny your babes hands and feet are at this particular age!

Here’s what you’ll need:

inkless pads for hand and footprints

** These will work best for infants, for toddlers or older children use a washable paint **

I got this 18-piece inkless hand/footprint kit from amazon. I like this because it has multiple inkless pads, so I can use it for many holidays and special occasions to come. Also, if I mess up, there are extra. Please, make sure whatever you buy has “inkless” in the name. The reason these are great is your child’s hand/foot aren’t going directly into the ink, the ink is on the backside which is in contact with the paper and so it truly is mess free! Now I say that but I 100% put my daughter’s foot directly into the ink... it wasn’t too hard to clean most of the ink off with a baby wipe right away, and the rest was gone in a day or so.

washable paint set

foam paint brush set


1. Choose your design and download it. There are 4 to choose from, and all are fully customizable with the recipient's name (Gigi, Nanny, Mom, Mama, etc.), and the child(rens) name(s)

downloadable template for mother's day cards

2. Open your download in a pdf reader such as adobe. The download is editable, and you can just click right where you want to add the name, and type it all in:

draft mothers day card

3. Print out your design. This will fit on any 8.5x11 paper (standard computer paper size).

4. Practice your stamp. You want to see how your kid reacts to doing it, and how it looks, etc. and get a feel for the best way to do this before putting it on your actual card.

5. Add your kid’s prints! Don’t get frustrated if it isn’t perfect, it is just a keepsake and a little smudge her or there is not a big deal. If you see my first time doing it, for Valentine’s Day, it is far from perfect but I love it so much.

personalized valentine's day card footprints

Or if you are really striving for a perfect print, you can always try again!

If using the inkless pads please be careful to put the correct side down, or your kids hand/foot will be covered in the ink. If you are using paint just simply brush the paint directly onto their hand/foot be careful to do it in an even coat, then press firmly onto paper.

6. MAKE SURE YOUR PRINTS ARE FULLY DRY! THEN, add in any additional artwork/drawings. For the flowers, I decided to add the stems in last because I was worried it would be difficult to line up the print just right.

personalized mother's day card handprint flower

How did I do? I think everyone is going to love these! Are you going to try them? What design will you use? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re feeling extra crafty, or none of my designs resonate with you, check out my post "Mother's Day DIY Personalized Cards" which shows how you can create your own! I love this option because it gives you so much room for creativity! These can be made for any holiday or occasion!

DISCLAIMER: These are my personal opinions, and none of the products listed are sponsored.

Full Product Name/Link

Outus 18 Pieces Baby Inkless Handprint and Footprint Kit 6 Safe Hand and Foot Ink Pad Clean Touch Dog Paw Print Stamp Kit and 12 Card for Newborn Registry Family Keepsake Baby Gift (Small)

Crayola Washable Kids Paint, Assorted Bold Colors, Painting Supplies, 6 Count

24 Pcs Foam Brush Set, Foam Paint Brushes, Wood Handle Sponge Brushes for Painting, Foam Brushes Sponge Paint Brush for Staining, Varnishes, and DIY Craft Projects (1'', 2'' and 3'')

Happy Mother's Day WE Love You - Free Download
Download PDF • 96KB

Happy Mother's Day I love you
Download PDF • 96KB

Thanks for Helping US Grow - FreeDownload
Download PDF • 114KB

Thanks for Helping ME Grow - Free Download
Download PDF • 114KB

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