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Toddler Must Have: Play Kitchen

Tell me I’m not the only one who hates those big bulky plastic play kitchens? You know the ones I’m talking about; they feature loud bright colors, and they don’t match anything in your house. They are really not cute. They scream I HAVE A TODDLER. Okay okay, I know I do in fact have a toddler, but why does every inch of my house have to scream it from the roof tops?

After a few weeks of watching my daughter absolutely adore “cooking” while she stands in her kitchen stool.

little girl with fork and plate eating and coloring with crayons

– This was featured on my first previous Toddler Must Have - Kitchen Stool, check it out we absolutely love this stool and use it for everything including eating, coloring, "cooking", etc. –

I realized I needed to get my daughter her very own play kitchen so that she could explore all the wonders of cooking. I still wanted one that fit the vibe of our kitchen, so I did some digging and found the perfect fit for our home. The Ikea Duktig:

play kitchen and stools

It's just as cute as the more aesthetically pleasing versions you can find on Pinterest, without the massive price tag. This kitchen is wooden with white and gray accents. It is a minimalist design and I love how it came out. It is not overly bulky and it does not include any bright colorful accents which I appreciate, because I wanted something a bit more subtle.

I will admit it took quite a bit of convincing to finally "add to cart"; that said, I am SO glad I did. I definitely wasn't expecting to love this as much as we do, and I'm so happy that I got the Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen for my daughter. First thing in the morning she asks to “cook” in her kitchen, and I am so happy to give her something she enjoys so much.

So there you have it, another Toddler Must Have – what’s an item you overthought before finally purchasing? Does your child have a play kitchen? Are you happy with its look and design?

I hope your little ones love their play kitchen as much as my baby girl does. Let me know in the comment section! And Make sure to check back and see my future posts on all things Play Kitchen, coming soon!

DISCLAIMER: These are my personal opinions none of the products have been sponsored.

Full Product Name/Link:

Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen

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