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Toddler Must Have: Kitchen Helper Stool

This Montessori Kitchen Stool is a must have for toddlers! My 19-month-old absolutely loves ours and has been using it since her first birthday!

kitchen stools and play kitchen for kids

A few months ago, I finally bought my daughter a kitchen helper stool. I work an office job 9-5, and so I don’t get to spend the full day with my kids. A lot of the time I do get to spend with them during the week is in the kitchen preparing dinner and cleaning up. I noticed that my daughter really wanted to be close to me and engage during this time. At first, it was frustrating. Have you ever tried to hold a toddler on your hip while stirring sauce, or putting something in the oven? It is virtually impossible and honestly it made me so nervous my daughter would get hurt.

Then I remembered, I had seen some type of that brings the child up to countertop height so they can join in on the excitement. I looked and looked and really wasn’t sure what I needed or wanted, so I finally just decided to buy one. The one I purchased is all wood construction, and it is pretty large. It does have the ability to fold in half, which I thought I needed, but honestly, we use it all day every day, so we just leave the full thing open, so it is even easier to access. I like this because it is pretty and has a simple design. I has an adjustable height which gives it staying power, I like knowing we can use this for years to come and won’t need a new one. The width of this is also something I love because it can easily fit 3 small children in there, there is no need to purchase one for each child. It also holds up to 125lbs. Another awesome feature is that this is finished with a non-toxic coating that prevents scratches and scuff marks. This coating is really nice because it makes clean up really simple. I just use a spray and paper towel and grime and food slips right off the coating.

If this style doesn’t seem like a good fit for you do a quick search and you’ll see the options are limitless. I’ve seen ones that fold down into a table and two seats which seemed really awesome, and others which are much smaller profile and fold up really thin which would be ideal for a kitchen with limited space.

I love this stool because we truly have gotten our money worth. I wasn’t kidding when I said my daughter uses this thing multiple times a day. Sometimes we even feed her meals in there. During the weekend, if I’m prepping dinner but it’s also lunch time, I will make lunch and leave it on the counter with the stool set up. Then my daughter will pop her head in eat some lunch and hang out with me while I prep dinner. I love it because it keeps the food in the kitchen but gives her the freedom to pop in and out as she sees fit. It is way easier than strapping a child into a highchair or booster seat, and having to get them out in an instance when they have all of a sudden decided they are done with their meal.

child eating

My daughter loves to be on the counter and a part of what mom and dad are up to. We like to play cooking, and sometimes I give her a bowl or a measuring cup with some ice and a spoon so she can practice mixing. This is her "cooking" while also coloring in her stool.

child coloring and eating a pretzel

She even pretends to whisk eggs and scramble them while I do the real thing right next to her. It is so fun watching her learn and explore and I can’t wait until she is up there actually helping me cook and prep meals.

When I say we get SO much use out of this stool I am not exaggerating. This year we used it to dye Easter eggs. It made everything so easy because she was standing and could easily reach everything. This was nice because she didn't have to be strapped into a high chair, but she was still safe and comfortable.

little girl dyeing easter eggs

Yes, I did tape paper towels onto my countertop to avoid any stains from the dye ahahhah! Next time, I'm thinking I'll use a plastic tablecloth instead.

Do you have a kitchen stool or something similar set up for your little one? Are you like me and do you overthink purchasing things?? Are there any big ticket items you splurged on and regretted it? Let me know in the comments!!

DISCLAIMER: This is my own personal opinion, the item listed is not sponsored.

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Guidecraft Classic Kitchen Helper® Stool and 2 Keepers - Natural: Wooden Adjustable Height, Folding Kitchen Step Stool for Toddlers, Chalkboard and Whiteboard Message Boards, Supports Up to 125lbs

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