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Toddler Must Haves: Sun Protection

If you have little ones, you may have had some of the same fights and struggles I’ve had with getting your little one to keep still while you put on sunscreen. Here are some excellent options to help keep your kids skin protected and hopefully save you some of that headache we know can come from wrestling an alligator…I mean toddler lol. Here are my go-to summer sun protection products...

sunscreen roll on applicator

I’m not sure about you, but for me it was a major fight to keep my daughter still while I applied proper sunscreen. This applicator has a roller and sponge top to help make the application process easy. This is a life changing and time saving product which I highly recommend. My daughter’s summer camp starts with toddlers “2-year-old class” outside in the sun/with water play. This means I need to make sure she is protected from the sun prior to getting to camp. This product helps make mornings easier and less chaotic.

mineral sunscreen

With babies and toddlers, it is important to give them a high SPF sunscreen to make sure they are properly protected from the sun. I recommend a mineral sunscreen because they sink in and are effective immediately after application while other sunscreen takes 20 minutes to protect from the rays. This sunscreen is light weight and water resistant for 80 minutes. My daughter has very sensitive skin, so it was important to me to find a gentle hypoallergenic formula to avoid any eczema flare ups, or rashes.

toddler in colorful bathingsuit and sun hat

Last year I tried ALL the swimsuits on my baby girl. She was so little during summertime (September baby) and has very fair skin, so I was very worried about her getting a sunburn. I found that a “normal” bathing suit style just did not cut it for me. I didn’t feel comfortable with her belly, arms, and legs exposed. So, I first tried a long sleeve and typical small bottom style bathing suit. I found that when the top and bottom are not attached it leaves a lot of room for the bathing suit to ride up and expose little bellies to the sun. I also worried about her legs getting sunburnt and so I opted for this full coverage onesie style bathing suit. Look, I’m not suggesting you put a 5-year-old in this thing, but my big baby is only 19 months old, and I still have some control over what she wears, and this makes me feel most comfortable with her fully covered from the sun. This brand is awesome because it is fully zip-able which means you aren’t wrestling the whole wet suit off a crying toddler. It unzips fully so you can take it off with ease very quickly. These dry quickly, have so many colors and patterns, and most importantly keep your little one protected from the sun. A total win-win-win in my book.

toddler in colorful bathing suit and hat playing with toys

I tried SO many hats on my daughter. I didn’t like the typical baseball style cap because they tend to be heavier and made of thicker materials which make your head sweaty and hot. Also, my daughter typically ripped most hats right off her head. Considering her age, it is impossible to get her to keep sunglasses on and I want to protect her eyes from sun damage as well as her skin. We love to put her hair up in pigtails and I absolutely want to avoid a sunburn in the part of her hair more than anything in the world. Have you ever burned that part of your head? I have and let me tell you it is NOT pretty. After the burn starts to heal you will have flaking akin to having bad dandruff- yuck. So just trust me on this you want to make sure to protect that part (or avoid it all together by doing a straight ponytail or bun). Anyway, back to the hat—This hat is the best because it ties so it is difficult for younger toddlers to pull off and this means it will stay put and do its job at protecting them from the sun. Also, it not only shades their eyes, but it also has an extended back and ear cover to keep their whole head and back of their neck protected from the sun. This was lifesaving because as mentioned previously – it is hard to get sunscreen on a toddler, and even harder throughout the day when you need to reapply, and they don’t want to get out of the water or stop playing. This is just an added layer of mental sanity knowing your kid is safe.

white bag with black hearts

These bags are amazing and so multipurpose. They can be used for food, dirty clothing, pump parts, bottles, etc. However, in the summer they are so awesome for traveling and water play. If you take your child to the Town pool, you can change their outfit there and put their wet bathing suit in this bag. This waterproof bag will keep their wet bathing suit and clothing from soaking the rest of the contents of your diaper bag, or purse, and is easily washable. These bags are inexpensive, so efficient, and I love that they are reusable!

Okay so there you have it, these are my toddler sun protection must haves! What am I missing? Let me know in the comments section!!

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DISCLAIMER: These are all my personal opinions, and none of these products are sponsored.

Full Product name, and hyperlink:

Duo PG Solar Buddies Refillable Roll On Sponge Applicator For Kids, Adults, Families, Travel Size Holds 100ml Travel Friendly for Sunscreen, Suncream and Lotions

Coppertone Pure and Simple Baby Sunscreen SPF 50 Lotion, Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen for Babies, Tear Free, Water Resistant, Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen, 6 Fl Oz Bottle

SwimZip UPF 50+ Girls Long Sleeve Sunsuit (Multiple Colors)

i play. Baby Sun Hat | Toddler Unisex UPF 50 Solid Flap Beach Hat with Brim and Neck Cover Hot Pink 2T-4T

Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag, Washable, Reusable for Travel, Beach, Pool, Stroller, Diapers, Dirty Gym Clothes, Wet Swimsuits, Toiletries, 12x14 – Black Hearts

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