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Newborn Must Haves: The Basics

Here are 5 tried and true items to get you through the newborn phase. Hopefully these will help you as much as they have helped me.

burp cloths

One thing about the newborn phase that does not last forever, but feels like it will, is burping your baby. In the beginning you will be burping your baby after every bottle (sometimes in between sips of the same bottle!). Your little one needs help to properly digest their bottle, and to get the air bubbles out to help avoid that terrible painful gas that they get. You will find that not all burp cloths are created equally. Some are rough, which is the absolute last thing you want rubbing all over your newborn baby’s soft supple skin. These burt’s bees baby burp cloths are 100% organic cotton. They are so soft and smooth you don’t have to worry about your little ones skin getting aggravated by scratchy materials. These have super cute patterns, and come in a convenient 5-pack. I have no idea how many burp cloths I accumulated with my first born, but I promise you, you can NEVER have enough. I had multiple stacks of burp cloths in every room at one point. Your baby will need them all day long for the first few months and when they need one, you want to have it close by. I would highly recommend buying many of these, as I mentioned you quite literally can never have enough. In this phase you will realize that you are so tired and busy that it is difficult to keep up with laundry. Having multiples of the essentials is lifesaving in those moments when you just can’t get your sh*t together enough to wash all the things!

Also, these are great for when your toddler has a cold. Tissues can be rough and scratchy and toddlers typically don't know how to blow their own nose so you will have to follow them around and wipe them with a snot rag (I know -- so cute lol)


I love that you can buy matching sets of burp cloths & bibs from Burt's Bee's which is why they made the list as items #1, & #2. You may think the burp cloths have you covered for all your spitting up needs but trust me you will need bibs too. You will want baby to have a bib on especially when they are a little bigger and can safely go in a swing or bouncer. Babies can burp and spit up constantly and it is so helpful to have them in a soft comfy bib so that you don’t have to constantly change their outfits. These are another one of those cannot have enough items. I promise you will need many bibs in a day. Do be mindful to change the bibs out as they get dirty/wet. Newborn skin is so sensitive and if you leave baby in a wet bib for any period of time they can get a bib rash under their little necks.

infant gas drops

These drops literally kept me sane and kept my baby comfortable. Infants get gas so easily and it is so painful for them. It often causes them to let out horrible cries. These drops are easy to use and can be used up to 8 times a day! This means that if need be you can give your little one these drops between each bottle. Many days I gave my baby drops 2-3 times a day and I literally kept a box in each room so that I had access to them whenever she was uncomfortable and needed help easing that gas pain. Be careful to give these to your baby when you are calm, and without forcing it down their throat because if baby gets upset or the liquid shoots down their throat this can sometimes make baby throw up. No one wants that. It happens, and trust me it happened to me but let’s all try to avoid that whenever possible because it is NOT pretty.

SIDE NOTE: I am not a doctor, and you should always check with your child's pediatrician before giving them any type of medication. This item is over the counter, and safe for newborns, but you should still speak with your pediatrician before giving them to your little one.

cold and flu kit

I sort of cheated by including the full 5 item bundle rather than just the snot sucker but I’ll explain why. The snot sucker is an absolute must have item in my book. Yes of course you can use a nasal aspirator, in fact you may like to use both. The aspirator’s are great because you can do it one handed and they do have some great suction power. BUT they are limited in how much they can get at once and you have little control about how much you’re sucking up. With the NoseFrida snot sucker you are the one suctioning and you can control how long, and how much you are getting out. If baby is full of loose liquid mucus just use the snot sucker. If baby is congested with harder boogers, you will first need to use the saline snot spray. The stuff gets the job done and is very easy to use. The hygiene filters are what keeps the snot sucker sanitary and make sure to swap out the filters often to keep things cleanly. The snot sucker itself can be washed after every use the part that you are sucking on, and the part that sucks the snot out can all be separated and washed in soapy warm water to keep things hygienic. Both the vapor wipes and vapor rub are awesome to have but keep in mind they cannot be used on a newborn. These will come in handy when your little one gets a little older, and can help clear out a snotty nose from the worst cold.

infant swaddle sleepsack

I have many many sleep sacks and swaddles that I purchased, and did not really like. At the hospital we were taught how to swaddle with a blanket. Let me tell you, it is not easy. And if your baby is a little wiggle worm like mine was, they will escape out of their swaddle in minutes. These sleep sacks are amazing. I live in New York, so I prefer the fleece version. If you live somewhere with hotter temps, you may prefer the cotton blends, or other versions. This sleep sack is incredible because it takes the guess work out of swaddling, and it keeps baby secure, comfy and safe. This allows my husband & I to get some much needed rest, and avoid unnecessary disruption when baby gets themselves out of the swaddle. As baby gets older, such as when they are rolling over, you can still use this same swaddle (if it fits) by just velcro-ing the swaddle straps to their tummy instead of covering their arms. The package comes with easy to understand pictures and even the tag of the swaddle/sleep sack has pictures of how to use it. I love these so much I have bought many of them for my own daughter, and as gifts because I was so relieved to find one that is simple to use and makes bed time a little easier on us!

Okay so there you have it, these are my newborn must have basics! What am I missing? Let me know in the comments section!!

Check out the Newborn Must Have section on my blog for more suggestions!!

DISCLAIMER: These are all my personal opinions from my own experience, and none of these products are sponsored.

Full Product Name and hyperlink:

Burt's Bees Baby - Burp Cloths, 100% Organic Cotton Absorbent 5-Pack Drool Cloths (Blossom Pink Variety Prints)

Burt's Bees Baby - Bibs, 4-Pack Lap-Shoulder Drool Cloths, 100% Organic Cotton with Absorbent Terry Towel Backing (Blossom Variety)

Mylicon Gas Relief Drops for Infants and Babies, Dye Free Formula, 1 Fluid Ounce

Cold and Flu NoseFrida Bundle- 5 Items by Frida Baby (snot sucker, hygiene filters, saline snot spray, vapor wipes for nose and chest, vapor rub)

HALO Micro Fleece Sleepsack Swaddle, 3-Way Adjustable Wearable Blanket, TOG 3.0, Grey, Newborn, 0-3 Months

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