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Toddler Must Haves: Kitchen Play Items

#1 A small step stool

little girl playing in kitchen

We were fortunate to be gifted 3 different personalized step stools in my daughter's infancy. I think this is a really popular gift, and let me tell you these are super multi-purpose. We initially kept the stool next to our rocking chair, so we had an easy to reach place to put down a bottle before night feedings. We still do that with the stool we got for our son. Now, my daughter likes to sit on her stool like a little chair. We have one in the hallway where she can sit and try on her shoes.

We have another in the kitchen which is small enough that she can pick it up and move it around herself. I love the autonomy it gives her! She moves it all around the kitchen, uses it to reach the top of her kitchen.

ikea duktig play kitchen, kitchen stools

I did end up swapping the stools. My daughter kept picking up and moving the stool to access different things, which is awesome! However, the one we were originally using has puzzle pieces that spell out her name, that come out. So, I swapped it with a different one which is a straight top, no pieces that can come out. It was also a bit lighter, which is great because she does carry it around quite a lot. I did end up swapping it with a different one we have.

little girl playing in kitchen with dust pan

This mini broom with dustpan is perfect. It is light weight, and super easy to put together. It is small so it doesn’t take up a lot of kitchen space, and it is easy for my 19 month old to use. She loves it and walks around with it picking up around the house all the time. The awesome part of this is that it comes with an attachment so you can elongate the handle for adult use/older child use as well. This is great because the product will grow with your child, no need to purchase a larger broom in a few years. This also comes in many different colors which is so fun!

colorful set of plastic cups

Okay, so unfortunately, I did not purchase this item. My daughter actually uses a set of plastic cups that my brother & I used to use when we were little (many many moons ago). This seems to be a really great option for a similar product, and these are dishwasher friendly.

My daughter’s current obsession is ice and she loves to move the ice from cup to cup and mix and stir using her utensils. We aren’t quite ready for real cooking so for now we are practicing skills like mixing, stirring, and moving items from one cup to another to practice for the future. My thoughts are if she can practice with ice and water, this will help make clean up easy, and give her practical skills at the same time. I hope in the near future she can help with bigger projects like making pancakes. This will help her to pour the different ingredients from measuring cup to bowl, and to mix or stir them together. I can’t wait!

Here's a picture of Lily filling up her cups. She even poured the water from cup to cup. It is so fun to watch her build practical life skills.

toddler on stool playing in bathroom sink

small kitchen utensil set

This is an absolute must have item. Initially I gave my daughter the odds and ends of our kitchen utensils. However, I noticed they were too long and awkward in her hands. Eventually, I decided to buy this mini set which has so many different utensils that she will never get bored. This set is great because the utensils are small enough o fit comfortably in little hands, and they are machine washable—major bonus. We love this set. It's great that you have options, if you prefer, it also comes in black -- so you can customize the look to better fit your style.

play kitchen with arrow to utensil holder

OK OK you may not NEED a beautiful utensil holder, but it adds a really nice touch. To be honest my initial utensil holder was a tall reusable plastic bag. If you’re not familiar with the reusable bags I’m speaking of peep the photo below for the original set up!

toddler on stool using play kitchen

I really want this kitchen to mimic the real deal, so I decided to get a real utensil holder that happens to be beautiful and match the look of our play kitchen. This one is great because it has a smaller option that perfectly fits the mini utensils listed as item #4! There are many different wood finishes to choose from to make sure you can match your aesthetic. I got the acacia to match her cutting board.

Alright, there you have it my play kitchen must have items! Do you think you would use any of these items for your children? What am I missing? Let me know in the comments!

Make sure to check back and see my future posts on all things Play Kitchen Upgrade, coming soon!

DISCLAIMER: As always these are my personal opinions, and none of the products shared are sponsored.

Full Product Name/Hyperlink:

PLASKIDY Kids Cups - Set of 12 Kids Plastic Cups - 8 oz Kids Drinking Cups -Plastic Cups Reusable - Dishwasher Safe - BPA-Free Cups for Kids & Toddlers Bright Colored - Unbreakable Toddler Cups

Xifando Mini Broom with Dustpan for Kids,Little Housekeeping Helper Set (White+Sky Blue)

8 Piece MINI Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set- Kitchen Tools with Beechwood Handles by Cook with Color (White)

The Pretty Turtle Bamboo Kitchen Counter Utensil Crock Holder Caddy (Acacia) (RH9016)

** Sorry, no link for the stool because I never had to buy one, but they have all sorts of listings for them on Esty, amazon, personalization mall, etc...

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