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5-Month-Old Daily Schedule

My son turned six months old today! I thought it may be helpful to share his current schedule. I’m labeling it as a 5-month schedule because this is what he has been doing for the past month. Please keep in mind this schedule isn’t exact and we don’t follow it to a T. But we’ve found that it is helpful to keep approximately the same bedtime, and everything else seems to fall into place.

Danny drinks a 6oz formula bottle every 2.5-3 hours. I usually change his diaper before his bottle because he falls asleep during the feeding. Currently his wake window (or the amount of time he is awake between his naps) is 2 hours. If I time it out properly, he will: wake up, play, eat, sleep, and repeat! It is so helpful to have him in that routine because his naps typically last about an hour so this way you aren’t worrying during his nap that he has gone over 3 hours between feedings.

Without further ado here is my 5-month-olds daily routine!

6:00am Wake up & 6oz bottle.

I leave the lights off, and leave him in his sleep sack, with the heater and noise machines still on. I just scoop him out of the crib, feed him in the rocking chair and usually he goes back to sleep in my arms, and I place him in the crib.

7:00am Diaper & outfit change.

I don't wake him up, this happens whenever he wakes up and is playing in the crib.

7:15am -9am General Play. This can include:

Tummy Time

baby on a blanket

I let Danny roll around on his mat and chew on his little teething toys. He rolls around and pushes up on his hands. He has gotten really good at this and even does “Superman” where he lets his arms go and still holds his upper body up.

Face-To-Face Time

Where I play and engage with my child. We go up to the mirror and look at ourselves and each other, I hold and hug and kiss my baby so he feels my love and connection. We play with teething toys, and roll around, we tickle and laugh.

Container Time

baby playing in bouncer

We like to let Danny jump and stand in his baby bouncer/jumperoo, or sit in his baby bjourn bouncer and play with the toy bar. I try not to have him in containers for too long of a stretch but it is helpful to have him somewhere safe so you can do other things like prepare a meal, go to the bathroom, etc.

9:00am Diaper change and 6oz bottle.

I feed him to sleep in my arms, then place him in his bassinet for nap time.

9:15am Nap

10:15am-12:00pm General Play.

12:00pm Danny diaper change and 6 oz bottle.

I feed him to sleep in my arms, then place him in his bassinet for nap time.

12:15pm Nap

1:15pm-3:00pm General Play.

3:00pm Danny diaper change and 6 oz bottle.

I feed him to sleep in my arms, then place him in his bassinet for nap time.

3:15pm Nap

baby napping

4:15-5:20pm General Play

5:30pm Danny diaper change and 6oz bottle.

6:45pm Danny diaper change (overnight diaper) and into pajamas.

Then place him somewhere safe to let out a little more energy before bed.

7:15pm Danny 6oz bottle and bedtime.

baby sleeping

I make him a 6oz bottle, put him in his sleep sack, turn the lights off and feed him his bottle. I rock/feed him to sleep, and then place him in the crib.

***I never stress about the amount he eats before bedtime***

If you notice the last 2 bottles are not even 2 hours apart, so he may eat the whole 6oz, or may have only 3-4 oz. I just like to top him off before bed so he has a full happy belly and can get a good night’s rest.

He typically will sleep through the night without disruption from 7:15pm until about 6:00am so he gets roughly 11 hours of sleep a night. And then when I feed him in the morning at around 6am, he usually goes right back to sleep for another hour.

Occasionally during the night my son will wake up and stir, if he’s been “awake” for a few minutes, I go in there quietly (leaving the lights off) and give him a binky and rub his head so he feels comforted. He will usually go right back to sleep. I try not to go into his room at all during the night but find that this can help and is less disruptive then taking him out of the crib. If he cries, I always go right in and pick him up and comfort him, but this rarely happens (honestly almost never).

There you have it; this is my 5-month-old daily schedule! I’m looking forward to seeing how this schedule changes in the next few weeks when we start feeding my son solids!

Keep an eye out for my blog on my 18-month-old daily routine!

Please note, this schedule is a general rule of thumb and a *perfect* day. It is never exactly like this, and every day is different, but it is generally approximate to what my child has been doing the past month. Please don't let my schedule/routine freak you out or make you feel any type of way, you are doing great, and every child is different! This is only meant to offer a bit of guidance if you weren't sure how to structure your child's day. Sending love and light to all the parents out there just doing their best---you are crushing it!

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