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Pregnancy Must Haves: Comfort Basics

Check out my list of hand selected pregnancy must haves from a mother of 2 under 2! Each item is something you will use daily during pregnancy and beyond. These products are great for continued use throughout the postpartum "Fourth Trimester" phase.

maternity leggings

These leggings are butter soft. They are so smooth and comfortable, and they are not see through. However, they are also not super thick which I love. I found a lot of maternity leggings were a super thick spandex material which I personally did not find comfortable at all. I was so relieved when I came across these leggings because they are so stretchy and light fabric. They are super cozy and they are a good-looking set of leggings. One very important mention is -- make sure you are buying the ones with pockets. The pockets are huge, and I can even fit a full bottle in there which helps getting baby ready in the morning and being hands free to hold her and a railing, so we make it down safely.

maternity biker shorts

Now this is a two-parter because depending on what time of year you conceive you may prefer to buy the biker short version. I got the leggings first, then loved them so much I purchased the biker shorts. I have probably 6 pairs if not more because I wear them at home just to lounge around, and to go on walks. I’ve worn these under dresses too because no one wants to be chaffing while pregnant it is just a HUGE no in my book.

camisole tank tops

These camis are amazing. They are thick and supportive but have a lot of stretch and aren’t tight. The straps are thick so they offer a good amount of support. I’m one of those people who never feels comfortable braless in public but I would 100% feel okay wearing just this cami with no bra out and about because the material is thick it provides a good amount of coverage. They are sort of long which I liked because they fully cover my growing belly. I originally purchased these for postpartum and with my first pregnancy I didn’t use them until my hospital stay for the delivery. They were absolutely perfect for delivery/the hospital after birth. Like I mentioned, I’m not 100% comfortable without a bra, so these made me feel so much better. In the hospital I personally felt a little vulnerable because there are a lot of strangers (hospital staff, nurses, doctors, etc.) coming into your room and I didn’t want to be exposed if I didn’t have to be. These tanks made me feel a bit more myself and fully covered during those moments. They are designed to allow for breastfeeding and pumping which was the reason I bought them so I didn’t have to strip every time I breastfed, and I could keep some semblance of privacy and comfort. I only made it two weeks with breastfeeding but continued to wear these camis for months. I wish I had worn them during my first pregnancy because they are so comfy and supportive, and I am very glad to have them this time around.

black night gown dress

I bought this with the thought that I would wear it during my delivery. I had read that this was a great buy for your hospital stay because it has buttons down the front and back so that the hospital staff can access your body without you having to take off your clothing. That being said, I did not wear this during my delivery. The hospital gown served its purpose and that is what I wore during the beginning of my hospital stay. Once baby was born, and I had a chance to shower – if you have a shower in your room TAKE A SHOWER it will make you feel human again lol. Wearing this dress made me feel comfy and cute and as mentioned above, allowed the hospital staff to access my body without much disruption. Something I hadn’t realized is that you’re hooked up to an IV in the first day or so in the hospital. I think it was mostly for hydration purposes, but to be honest I don’t know for sure what type of drugs they were pumping into me. The gown was super comfy, and I didn’t even want to take it off tbh. I’m pretty sure I wore it home with my robe. It’s great for breast feeding. It’s loose and comfy, and it’s a nice length so you can wear it at home when family visit and be comfy but still covered up. I definitely wore it a few times in the first week or so home with baby.

pregnant belly with support band

Whether or not you have a “fit pregnancy” or choose to do workouts, you will benefit greatly from purchasing this band. It is light weight, easy to put on and honestly, I didn’t even notice it once I pulled my pants over it. I wore a tank top, then the band, then my maternity pants (which go up to my ribcage lol) over the band. You can’t see the band which was important to me I didn’t want it to be obvious I had something on and feel self-conscious about it. The band provides a great deal of support to help avoid lower back pain, and the pressure you will undoubtedly feel as your bump begins to grow. I always feel pressure at the very bottom of my bump when I’m walking, and this band really helps relieve that for me. I wore the band postpartum as well. As mentioned previously, your body is still sort of like a pregnant body for the first few weeks post-partum (and yes, sometimes months!). You want to give yourself the support you need to heal properly, and I found that this did the trick! I’m so glad I got it, and with this price point I was very impressed at how much I liked it and how much use I got out of it.

legs on a leg elevation pillow

Okay so everyone hears about, or gets gifted the large pregnancy pillow, so I’m not going to have that on my list. However, if you don’t have one you NEED one lol so go buy one hahaha. But I actually think this is even more important and it will be good during pregnancy, post-partum, and throughout your life so it is a bit more use for your money if you can only get one. You may have heard that with pregnancy, can come swollen ankles, and feet. Man, oh man swollen ankles are uncomfortable. One thing that really helps relieve the swelling is getting your feet and legs elevated. This pillow is super comfy and will help to get rid of all that swelling. I love to use this on the couch at night when I am relaxing before bed. I’ve used it while pregnant, postpartum, and in between. The cover comes off and is machine washable, so it really has that lasting power to be an item you continue to use over the years. If you scroll through the images on the amazon listing you can see there are other positions you can use the pillow in, it is very versatile. To be honest, for me I have only used it to prop my feet up, and I would still call it money VERY well spent. I highly recommend this to any and all pregnant women.

Bonus: this pillow is amazing for someone in recovery. I had previously bought this pillow for my mom to use during recovery from her open-heart surgery and she loved it.

That’s it, that’s my top 5 must have basics for pregnancy/postpartum. What were your pregnancy and postpartum must haves? Is there anything I missed? Let me know in the comments!

Check out my Pregnancy Must Haves page for more suggestions!

DISCLAIMER: These are all my personal opinions from my own experience, and none of these products are sponsored.

Full Product name and hyperlinks:

POSHDIVAH Maternity Shorts for Women Over Belly Biker Workout Yoga Active Summer Pregnancy Running Short Leggings 5"

DAISITY Womens Maternity Nursing Tank Cami for Breastfeeding with Adjustable Straps

Motherhood Maternity Women's 3 in 1 Labor, Delivery, and Nursing Gown

AZMED Maternity Belly Band for Pregnant Women | Pregnancy Belly Support Band for Abdomen, Pelvic, Waist, & Back Pain | Adjustable Maternity Belt | For All Stages of Pregnancy & Postpartum (Beige)

Leg Elevation Pillow with Cooling Gel Memory Foam Top, Post Surgery Leg Rest Pillow High Density Foam Bed Wedge Pillow for Leg & Back Support and Pregnancy - Relieves Knee, Hip and Lower Back Pain

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